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Course Offering

Online Maths Classes

Online Maths Classes

  • Grade 1 - Grade 8th
  • Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry
  • STAAR Prep Batches
  • Aptitude Tests
  • Olympiad Tests Prep

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Online Python and Java Classes

Online Python & Java Classes

  • Classes conducted by IT professionals and Experienced Teachers
  • 80% Coding and 20% theory
  • Give mini projects for practice
  • Provide Beginers, Intermediate and Advance batches

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Online Chess Classes

Online Chess Classes

  • USCF Affliated Academy
  • Rated Coaches, GM and WIM
  • Certificate Courseses
  • Chess Club Membership @ $5 p.m
  • Rated Tournaments
  • 1:1 and Group clases available

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Online Hindi Classes

Online Hindi Classes

  • Spoken Hindi
  • Shlokas
  • Impart Cultural Knowledge
  • Hindi Writing
  • Comprehension
  • Story & Rhymes

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SAT Classes

We provide SAT coaching based on digital SAT format from experienced teacher at very affordable oricing .

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Online Arts Classes

  • Cartoon making
  • Sketching
  • Theme Based
  • Calligraphy
  • Comprehension
  • Oil Pastures Scenery

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Why Prime Kids Academy

Ongoing Promotions

Referral Bonus of $100

Great Sibling Discount

Bundle Class Discount

No registration or administrative fee

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8845 Rodeo Dr,Irving, TX 75063, USA
US: +1 469-261-0936;
India: +91 971-920-2044

Education Model

1.Every topic starts with a definition. This helps a student to understand its relevance and usage in life.

2.It is then followed by practice exercises that student does during class sessions.

3.Regular homework assignments

4.Students are graded per topic and this helps in identifying their strengths and areas of improvement.

5.Great blend of Smart Technolgy, Experienced Teachers, Quality Syllabus and Curated Processes

Expert Instructors

We are backed by a pool of professionals comprising of graduates from premier Indian institutes like IIMs, NITs. We have experienced teachers who are passionate about education.

Pool of accomplished teachers, FIDE-rated, Grand Master, and Women International masters.

You can rest assure that your kids are guided by the best.

Holistic Development

Provides Chess, Maths,Arts, Java,Python,Hindi Classes in one place for holistic development of kids.

Syllabus alligned to Common core

Flexibility to learn from anywhere and anytime with no geographical boundaries.

We offer online classes for students from elementary till 10th Grade.

Prime Kids Academy is growing and spreading its footprints

We are on a growth trajectory. We serve students in US, Canada, UK , Europe and have offices in US and India. We want to grow education far and wide to the darkest corners of society. We treat everyone as a shareholder, be it parents, students or our teachers. We are highly committed and ethical in our dealing. We will go the extra mile to win your trust. Please feel free to reach out to us.

Our Mission is to become a credible name in the education space. Establish ourselves as a trusted partner of parents, students, and teachers. Provide equitable education to "have" and "have-nots" and grow up to 1000 students in the year 2020.

Our Vision is to reach out to students to all part of globe by using technology. Provide them individual centric learning. Connect with them as their friend and guide for long term. Develop a relationship for life and see them grow

We believe that the education system is needed to be refined and re-defined. Equitable and Quality Education has to be made available to all for a stronger society, nation, and the world.

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Prime Kids Academy- About Us

Quick Summary of our offerings, offers and more

Merry Christma 2019

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2020 from PrimeAccademy

Milestone 300+

Its always fun and magic in Prime Kids Academy.


1.Why Prime Kids Academy?

We are not profit driven business but an idea built on concept of giving and sharing. A noble initiative by few passionate individuals. We have IIM and NITK alumni giving their personal time to your kids. We give more sessions at far less price and with better teachers that gives us a competitive edge. It gives parents peace of mind. Our teachers are selected based on strong recommendation, their experience and commitment.

2.What is in it for teachers?

Teachers are core of education. Strength of institute is in strength of teachers. We are willing to have you onboard if you have good academic skills. We welcome any housewife, working professional, professional on career break, who are committed and passionate about teaching. You will be paid directly proportional to students taught by you, their performance and satisfaction. You will not be our employee but an individual entity who can chart their own growth trajectory. Interested, email us:

3.What is in it for parents ?

Your kids will get education from best teachers. Parents can choose teacher for their kid by interviewing teacher.We value your feedback and incorporate it to provide effective learning to your kid. Its an open and collaborative model and everyone here is respected as shareholder.